The Client

National Refacing Systems

Lewisberry, PA


National Refacing Systems, or NRS, is a brand new venture by Lowe's Home Improvement Center that provides an alternate kitchen remodeling solution by way of cabinet refacing and well-curated organizational products. The company has put together some of the best solid wood materials and installation technicians in the industry to focus the entire kitchen solution on quality.


NRS began as an independent organization with the intent of becoming the sole refacing service provider for Lowe's. The business needed to prove their professionalism and experience, as well as their impressive commitment to quality and understanding of the refacing solution they offer. I was tasked with creating a brand for National Refacing Systems with all this in mind.

I started by conducting research about the kitchen remodeling programs Lowe's had sold in the past, and how effective they were. The programs that failed seemed to point their message toward the actual buying process without highlighting what the consumer receives from the service. They also had flimsy branding that was dated and didn't appeal to the current market.

The current remodeling industry has increasingly productized solutions, meaning that remodeling part of your home is almost like purchasing a product. The scope of work is a packaged service with limited customization, the installation process is streamlined and efficient, and the price varies only slightly depending on the customization. This has changed the market drastically because there is a convenience factor that makes the purchase almost as simple as putting something in your cart and checking out. I decided to make NRS feel as much like a productized service as possible, despite the customer having to purchase the service through Lowe's.

The other aspect that was important to bring into the branding is the fact that NRS is a solely American company. Not only were the colors red and blue chosen, but this would later be emphasized through the names of the cabinet doors such as Washington, Republic and Liberty. The logo employs rounded corners and heavy lines to give the company an approachable, conversational face. This underscores the fact that NRS can take a homeowner's problem and translate that into an effective solution based on their expertise. The typography coincides with this aspect of the business with its rounded terminals. Open Sans was chosen as a complimentary typeface because of it's excellent readability and clean, crisp lines.

The message of NRS revolves around the convenience and reliability of the service. To set it apart from less user-friendly remodeling solutions, the company's tagline is "your remodeling project just got easier," with this value proposition: We use your existing cabinet frames and transform them with new doors, drawers and exteriors to give you the kitchen you want. The voice of NRS is friendly, knowledgeable and concise.

The website maintains the productized atmosphere, with the final user action being to speak with a Lowe's associate at a Lowe's store. The consumer is first educated about their options when it comes to remodeling the kitchen. Then, they are informed about the NRS solution and why it is the best option. They are taken to the Products page where they can see the high quality NRS product line, followed by the Gallery page with images of completed kitchen refacing jobs. The Services page details the specific services that NRS performs, and the Reface with NRS Today page is a very simple lead form page to maximize conversion.


NRS was ultimately chosen as the sole refacing service provider for Lowe's, and has had immense success as a new kitchen remodeling solution in 150 test stores within a few months. Plans are in motion to extend the service nation-wide, making National Refacing Systems a truly national company.

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