The Client

Franklin Wheelhouse

Franklin, TN


The folks at Franklin Wheelhouse had been running a successful fitness studio in Franklin, TN by a different name for a few years, but they realized they could help people in deeper, more holistic ways. I helped them build a brand identity around their new name, Franklin Wheelhouse, that embodied their new mission.


From my research of Franklin Wheelhouse's customer base, as well as the intended market they were looking to connect with, I decided it was important to represent the business as a high-end, personalized, luxury service. Franklin, TN is an affluent area, and the business' current clientele, confirmed this was the right approach for the brand.

We chose to use black as a prominent color for the brand to represent not just a high-end appeal, but the depth of wellness the business helps their clients to achieve.

To complement the black, we decided to use copper foil which speaks to the organic, personal connections made between the people who attend Franklin Wheelhouse.

A wheelhouse is defined as a shelter for the person behind the wheel. To Franklin Wheelhouse, the wheel is where real change is found, through seven different "spokes" of wellness. The logo displays this complex wheel in a geomtric, monoline icon and a complementary sans-serif wordmark.

Franklin Wheelhouse Logo Franklin Tennessee

The people at Franklin Wheelhouse intended to sell apparel from the beginning, realizing that their clients would be proud to represent the brand to their community because of how it has shaped their lives. We developed some secondary marks for use on different types of apparel.

Franklin Wheelhouse Logo Franklin Tennessee Icons and Secondary Logos

Franklin Wheelhouse Logo Franklin Tennessee

Here, the full "wheel" mark is used to represent the different types of wellness.

Franklin Wheelhouse Logo Franklin Tennessee Shirt

Here, the primary logo is used on a simple black t-shirt.

Some mini-icons were also developed as a pattern to be used on stationery and other collateral.

Franklin Wheelhouse Logo Franklin Tennessee Icons


Franklin Wheelhouse has grown a significant tribe of wellness-seekers in the Franklin area, creating an impact on their community with the help of their newfound brand identity.