The Client

Bob Neff Tours

Lancaster, PA


Bob Neff Tours has been providing getaways and destination tours since 1972. Focused on maintaining maximum value for their customers, Bob Neff Tours has grown immensely in the past 40 years and is constantly expanding their tour offerings. They asked me to provide them with a new logo that would provide more of an accurate representation of what their business is.


Bob Neff and his wife Cindy voiced early-on that they wanted to identify the business as BNT for brevity's sake, and though the logo would be a good opportunity to implement the acronym. Their existing slogan, "We'll take you there," was very appropriate and was used in the final logo to further brand the business.

There were many stages of the design process as we weighed the effectiveness of modern vs. traditional, seeing as the company had already been well established in the decades of its existence. In the end, a more modern approach was decided upon, something that would carry the brand into the next 40 years. The hues of blue the company had been using were slightly varied, so after much deliberation I found the perfect combination of blues to convey the comfort and wonder of the trips that BNT provides.

Once the logo was finalized, it became apparent that it could be endlessly specialized with different graphics within the counter (white space) of the "b" character. BNT organizes many different types of trips, ranging from mountainous treks to island getaways, and is beginning to develop a Lancaster-based destination option, so several versions of the final logo evolved as a result.


The BNT logo is an instantly-recognizable mark that promotes everything the company provides; it is another example of a business long appreciated for its values and services finally having an aesthetic that matches what it provides for its customers.

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