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Make Your Customer Feel Something

We expect a lot as customers. When was the last time you thought about the warranty that came with your car, or your laptop, or your bathroom renovation? Businesses have raised the bar so many times with what they offer that we’ve come to expect things like lifetime warranties, selfless customer service, and friendly employees. […]

Your Ideas Aren’t Crazy Enough

You’ve done your research. You’ve talked to your customers. You’ve seen the beginning of what running a good business can look like, but things aren’t accelerating quite like they were. That initial boost of support and interest fizzled out and now you’re wondering if something you did affected the direction of your business. Business may […]

How to Keep Your Brand from Being Obnoxious

At one point in our history, we as consumers weren’t so easy for brands to connect with. They had limited options when it came to how they communicated with us, and the outcome was left completely to chance. Other than directly in the store, the advertising options were things like magazines, newspapers, billboards, radio, and […]

Allowing Your Business to Run Without You

Small business owners experience the complete opposite of corporate CEOs on a daily basis. While corporations are struggling to maintain a full grasp of their inner workings, small business owners end up wearing every hat necessary to keep their businesses afloat. That means being your own accountant, secretary, janitor, and social media manager. It means […]

Make Teaching Your #1 Goal

So I’ve been in the market for a used travel trailer. Nothing fancy, just something small that I can tow with my mid-sized SUV. I started out looking at vintage trailers on craigslist, thinking that’s my best option because they look cool and most of them are inexpensive. After months of searching, I finally found […]

4 Steps to Eliminating “Me Mentality”

Most businesses, big and small, are guilty of some level of Me Mentality. Sure, huge corporations can get convoluted in their processes and end up showing the customer with less than courtesy, but it’s really not much different for small businesses. When you provide for yourself and your family by selling something you created, it’s […]

Build Your Brand First

When a new business wants to become known for something, they usually take a few different routes. They might put a page full of 10% off coupons or “save $99” deals in a local publication in an effort to jump start their customer base. They might setup kiosks in the mall and badger passers-by about […]

How To Name Your Brand

Most small businesses haven’t given much thought to their business name. Usually, a family name or some derivative term is chosen and the owner goes on about his or her business. This small business trend comes from a mainstream failure to recognize the significance of psychology in branding. The look, sound, and associations of a […]

Lead With Your Brand’s Value

The biggest question small businesses face when advertising their brands is what to say to the public. How can I show the world how great my product is without them actually experiencing it? This can be a daunting question to answer even for someone with a lot of business experience. If you think about it, […]

Motivating People With Your Brand

Our needs are fickle things. There are things we need that we don’t seek, and things we desperately search for that don’t benefit us at all. They vary in intensity and significance, and too often we don’t realize how important a need is to our wellbeing. There are other factors that affect our need fulfillment […]