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Branding Beer, and How I Would Do It Differently

I love Tröegs beer. For those of you not on the eastern side of the United States, or on the western hemisphere at all, Tröegs is a brewery in Pennsylvania that’s been brewing beer for about 20 years. They’ve concocted fantastic representations of most popular beer styles, and I think they tend to set their […]

How Management Style Affects Your Brand

The way you manage your employees has a trickle-down effect on your brand as a whole, and it’s time everyone that owns a business realizes that. Your brand values are vital to your business, whether you know it or not. In blog post #1 I explained how to create your brand based on the value […]

Measuring the Success of Your Brand

The internet is one big tracking device. I don’t want to alarm you, but you’re being analyzed right now by various websites and marketing agencies. In case you didn’t know, your gender, age, browsing history, and buying behavior are incredibly valuable pieces of information to the right people. Why? Because you are the consumer. Everything […]

My Client Process

I want to give you an idea of what my typical client process looks like from start to finish, because I think it can clear up some things for business owners looking for a better branding solution, and professionals who are wondering how to deal with clients from first contact all the way to completion […]

How To Get the Most out of Your Pricing

Your pricing is a part of your brand. To really communicate a unified message to the people out there paying you for your product, your price has to be a part of your brand’s identity. Your pricing can say a lot about your brand. In many cases it’s relative to what your competitors are charging […]

Making Your Brand Memorable

The hardest part of selling things, influencing people, or just being noticed is making a memorable connection with your audience. We try to spend our dollars wisely and do all the right things, but it’s not easy to figure out what will get the attention of the people you’re trying to reach. I think it’s […]

So You’re Thinking About Starting a Small Business

First of all, do it! I’ve talked on my blog and my Instagram account about how I think if more people had the courage to start a business, our communities would be completely different. It’s this belief that makes me love what I do. I deal with small businesses all the time. I sit down […]

When to Rebrand Your Brand

You’re familiar with rebranding, whether you know it by that name or not. Usually we hear about rebranding when it’s done poorly; Pepsi, Gap, and JCPenney have all been victims of heavily publicized rebranding gone bad. I’ll get to why that is in a minute. So what is rebranding? It’s an attempt by a business […]

The New Variable for Brands: Asking Your Circle

Recently I’ve been noticing more people asking others for advice about products, services, and solutions on Facebook and other social media platforms. I think this tendency to ask others is nothing new, but what is new is that we’re not asking particular people that we trust, one at a time; we’re asking all of them […]

What is Branding and Why Does it Matter?

When I tell people I develop brand identities, I’m sometimes met with confused looks, and lots of questions. What is branding? Is that the same as marketing? Is it really necessary? The first definition of branding originated in the 1800s on American farmland. Cattle were marked, or “branded,” with a distinctive letter or shape to […]