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When to Reveal Your Price

I wrote a blog post a few months ago about getting the most out of your price. The key point from that post was that your price alone contributes to the way your brand is perceived. Although the specifics might change depending on your industry, there are three guidelines that apply to every business with […]

When to Avoid Trends, and When to Jump on The Bandwagon

Trends are an interesting phenomenon in that they aren’t usually understood to be trends, or a temporary fad, until long after it’s popularity has dissipated. Every form of art and every industry has its trends. Now, if we look at the history of branding, we can see obvious styles, colors, and name paradigms that contributed […]

8 Ways Crafting Your Brand can Help Your Business

This is the second post on the benefits of branding, so if you haven’t read the Part One, you can catch up here. Basically, I want to help you understand what terms like “branding” and “identity” mean, and why they are crucial concepts for anyone who owns or influences a business. Branding is simply playing […]

How Crafting Your Brand Helps Your Business

I think a lot of people have heard terms thrown around like “branding” and “identity”, but the real meaning of that language can be hard for them to find, and even harder to understand. The business world has done a disservice to branding, speaking instead of sales and even marketing as the most important parts […]

Ok, But How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

I’ll be the first to admit it: I don’t think about my customer enough. Somewhere between responding to that email and creating my next blog post, I forgot to consider the people I’m trying to solve problems for. If you really think about it, it sounds ridiculous. I’m helping clients brand their businesses, talking about […]

What You Don’t Know About Graphic Design

Graphic design is easily misunderstood, and I think the very term “graphic design” is partially to blame. Most people don’t understand any type of design, so when you add “graphic” into the mix, you’re just asking for confusion. A significant portion of what I do is graphic design, in truth, and for a long time […]

Build a Different Bookshelf (or “Be different. Strategically.”)

I think the amount of information, studies, tutorials, etc. out there about branding yourself on social media, or in the world in general, has got people scared to try anything risky. We all just want to be good at it, right? We want to foster engagement with people and have them buy our products and […]

Where Should You Advertise?

If you’re part of a small business, you probably know there is an unspoken point of no return when it comes to advertising. If your company is a huge corporation, though, you may not even know this topic is so polarizing. Small businesses, at some point in their growth, have to make the decision of […]

My Goals for 2016

Be more consistent I’ve been posting daily on Instagram for about a year, and writing weekly blogs about branding since July, and the most difficult thing I’ve found isn’t finding something to write about or figuring out how I want to say it; It’s being consistent. We all have necessary things in our lives that […]

Multi-Level Marketing Schemes

I’m here to talk about multi-level marketing schemes, or “pyramid schemes,” from a couple of perspectives—of course, as they pertain to branding, but also what they say for the people that keep these schemes afloat. Businesses based on multi-level marketing are what I call the best of both worlds; they’re extremely product- and offer-centric, yet […]