Ok, But How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

I’ll be the first to admit it: I don’t think about my customer enough.

Somewhere between responding to that email and creating my next blog post, I forgot to consider the people I’m trying to solve problems for.

If you really think about it, it sounds ridiculous. I’m helping clients brand their businesses, talking about branding every day on Instagram, and writing a blog post about branding each week, but have I taken the time to look at the type of person I’m helping and how we are a good fit? Do I know why they decided to reach out to me in the first place? Can I describe their interests, their buying styles, or even their basic demographic information?

Of course, one-on-one conversations like those I have with clients afford me the luxury of getting this information from that particular person, but it’s not enough to put together the whole picture.

The fact is, there are so many different types of people out there that you’re probably wasting your time advertising to many that don’t want or need your product. And if you’re a smart business owner, you’ll know that if they have no use for your product, you don’t want them as a customer anyway.

It seems like businesses at large are still getting used to this idea. After all, it wasn’t long ago that we had virtually no idea who we were advertising to. Marketing (advertising to a specific type of person) may have been thrown around a lot as a term, but it was truly seldom seen.

Now, though, we have access to detailed information about how people live, work, socialize,and (most of all)…buy. Thank you internet.

We can evaluate people’s interests and demographic data as it relates to our product and the folks who need it most. That’s a beautiful thing. It gets even better when start to find trends in your data you never would have expected.

I focused on the details of this concept in my blog post Where Should You Advertise? There are some incredible things you can do just with Facebook posts and Google ads these days.

What I didn’t really cover in that blog post, though, was why its crucial for the success of your business to use these tools. Maybe you have an offline way to generate business and you think you don’t need to use the internet. That’s good, and I think you need to have diversified ways of gaining interest about your product. But here’s the thing: internet ads don’t just give you business; they give you information.

Imagine you have a taco truck on a street in the city. You’re really pumped about the tacos you make, so you ask every single person you can if they want a taco. Some of them buy tacos, but others don’t like tacos, they already ate lunch, or they’re on their way to another taco place they know and love. But what if you knew which of those people were interested in tacos? You knew which ones had just eaten (aren’t in the market), which ones don’t like tacos (not a common interest), and which ones have another source for tacos (in the market and able to be converted). That is the value of internet ads.

Instead of pretending you know your demographics and psychographics (personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles), you already know that information, and you have the opportunity to target which ones work best for you.

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while because I feel like it plays a larger part in business than it’s given credit for. I mean, it’s not even about the internet or some kind of new wave form of advertising. It’s just about getting to know your customer better. We all just want to be shown ads for products we’re truly interested in, right? So as a business owner or influencer, get to know your customer a little better with the help of internet marketing.

Get a head start on branding your business.

The effectiveness of your brand determines the success of your business. Now more than ever, we buy things because we first trust the maker of those things. That trust is earned with a carefully crafted brand identity that is tailored to address the needs of your ideal customer. Let me help you get closer to the people that need your product.

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