My Goals for 2016

Be more consistent

I’ve been posting daily on Instagram for about a year, and writing weekly blogs about branding since July, and the most difficult thing I’ve found isn’t finding something to write about or figuring out how I want to say it; It’s being consistent. We all have necessary things in our lives that pull us away from our work, whether it’s something fun after a hard day (drinking a beer and watching South Park?) or something requiring your personal responsibility, like making sure your daughter goes to sleep at her bedtime.

Though I get excited about my work and discussing branding and business in a public forum, I’m not immune to the temptation of simply meeting the status quo—that is, being happy with simply doing my job and not going above and beyond what the world sees as “sufficient.” You’ll see proof of that if you look at my Instagram account, which has seen less than daily updates in the past few weeks.

In the coming year, I’d like to be more consistent. Not only with the frequency of my content, but the quality of it as well.

Hone my craft

In all the talk about content marketing and “putting yourself out there” as a professional, there’s so much focus on the content, the profile pictures, the website links, etc. that I think it can overshadow the most important part: your craft. If you’re talking publicly about something you’re supposed to be passionate about, you owe it to that passion to continue learning how to be better at that thing. Otherwise, how can you be recognized an authority? Your skill will speak louder than any fancy writing or sleek-looking website can.

Although I’ve spent the past 10 years learning and practicing brand development, I want to be better than I am. I want to learn more, solve problems better, and show more small business owners what great branding can do.

Connect better with my audience

Speaking of small business owners, another goal of mine for 2016 is to connect better with people who can benefit from branding. I have a passion for small and local business because I feel that our communities would be much healthier places if we decided to solve each other’s problems with our own solutions. I want others to realize the impact their businesses can have on the world around us with a well-developed brand identity and message.

Before I started writing about branding, I relied solely on word-of-mouth to attract clients to my services. As a result, I didn’t have much of a handle on my ideal client, and I certainly didn’t know how to connect with my intended audience. After I started writing about my expertise, I realized that I have the opportunity to gauge the value of my writing based on the response and engagement I receive.

Now, I’m ready to optimize that communication so I can become better at making a difference for people like you who read my blog and learn with me as we both become better business people and ambassadors for our brands.

Find new ways to provide value

Something I’ve been wrestling with for the past few months providing value beyond my long-term, client-based projects that makeup the vast majority of my work. I love this work, and it’s the crux of my role as a brand developer, but I feel there is some additional way(s) that I can help small businesses realize and experience the importance of having a consistent visual identity and brand message. I’m most excited about this goal because it’s something different for me and, I think, different for most people that do what I do. Maybe it will be something I roll out in 2017 or 2018, but I know I will discover a way to bring more value to my audience this year.

Get a head start on branding your business.

The effectiveness of your brand determines the success of your business. Now more than ever, we buy things because we first trust the maker of those things. That trust is earned with a carefully crafted brand identity that is tailored to address the needs of your ideal customer. Let me help you get closer to the people that need your product.

Craft my brand