Making Your Brand Memorable

The hardest part of selling things, influencing people, or just being noticed is making a memorable connection with your audience. We try to spend our dollars wisely and do all the right things, but it’s not easy to figure out what will get the attention of the people you’re trying to reach. I think it’s because we get so used to doing the same old thing that we forget what exactly we’re doing in the first place.

We spend so much time shouting the things we know about our business that we forget the consumer even exists. Or maybe we shout whatever comes to mind so often that it’s impossible for the consumer to grasp our brand at all. Having spent a long time working for brands, I understand the temptation of this tunnel vision, but I’ve also realized it’s important to force yourself to gain a new perspective.

There are two simple rules for building a memorable brand:

1. Finding your brand identity

2. Repeating your best asset

Finding your brand identity
It’s important to first build the identity of your business that will allow you to relate to your audience. I went into detail about this in my blog post Who is your brand?. Without figuring out how you want to appeal to these people, you have no blueprint for your communication with them. It’s the basic needs of your audience that allow you to connect with them on an intimate level, so it’s necessary to create some sort of strategy for how you explain your product to the people that need it.

You need to do more than think about your brand strategy, though. It’s not enough to have it in your head–you need to write it down. Writing it down will help you to look at it objectively, organize it, and maybe even discover ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise. When you have your brand strategy in a shareable form, that means other people in your organization, and your audience, can better understand who your brand is.

Repeating your best asset
Once you figure out how to best connect with your audience, you need to repeat that narrative to your consumer. A lot. However, you can’t just go around saying the same thing forever. You need to refresh it here and there. Though you might be saying the same thing, you need to say it in a different way. I know, I said this is simple…and it is! But you need to remember that we, as consumers, get sidetracked easily, and the more ways you can communicate the same message, the better we’ll receive your brand.

There has been research conducted that implies spaced repetition is an effective way to embed a message in a person’s long-term memory. Simply repeating the same message constantly will only get you so far, but if you give that message ample time to be heard and be forgotten, it will have a greater impact when you repeat it at a later time.

One thing to remember with all of this is to periodically reevaluate your brand identity and your brand strategy. Yes, consistency will help you to make your brand memorable, but you have to make changes where they are due, and a little complexity is always welcome in a brand. Like I’ve said before, a brand identity is like a personal identity. We’re all complex personalities with constant values, interests, and beliefs; so if you treat your brand the same way, you’re sure to make it memorable.

Get a head start on branding your business.

The effectiveness of your brand determines the success of your business. Now more than ever, we buy things because we first trust the maker of those things. That trust is earned with a carefully crafted brand identity that is tailored to address the needs of your ideal customer. Let me help you get closer to the people that need your product.

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