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What Your Audience Thinks of You

If you think saying “we put our customer first” convinces people that you actually put your customer first, think again. As the saying goes, your actions speak louder than your words. But that doesn’t mean your words can’t be actions. That’s confusing…let me explain. When all you do is talk about how your product is […]

4 Branding Solutions to Small Business Problems

I have a special interest in helping small businesses become bigger businesses. The way I see it, if more of us started businesses, making things that benefit the people around us, the economy would be a much different landscape. Part of what I do is help those wanting to start a business to go about […]

Does Your Logo Suck?

You just signed loan papers for a $30,000 company car. You agreed to an $8,000 radio advertising package. You then hired a lawyer to make sure your business is legitimate, but you paid your 17-year-old nephew who’s “good with a computer” $50 to make you a logo. Your logo probably sucks. Look, I love saving […]

Instagram and Snapchat Can Teach You Something About Branding

Do you use Instagram? You probably do, at least on occasion, right? I use it mainly for my almost-daily posts about branding, design, and business. Its photo-based platform is interesting to me because the content is so visual and so simple. You could argue it’s a minimalist app in some respects. How about Snapchat? No? […]

Should I Invest in Email Marketing?

So, I go to send my blog post last week to my email list and I realize…it’s not working. The plugin I use to send emails is failing to send, and after troubleshooting for a while I realize there’s not much I can do about it. I’m helpless! I can’t get this brand new blog […]

Why Budweiser Changed its Name to America

The long-touted “King of Beers” has decided to replace its namesake on all cans and bottles with the name America. So if you’re picking up a case of Budweiser this summer, don’t be alarmed by the stunning patriotism plastered all over the product. This change stays in effect throughout the summer, reverting back to the […]

The Effects of the Hand Lettering Trend

If you’ve been within one mouse-click of Instagram, Pinterest, or Etsy throughout the last three years, you’ve probably noticed that hand lettering has made a comeback. With a crafted, imperfect charm, hand lettering is making its way into the modern art scene, super-shared Facebook content, and even brand identities. Hand lettering is the art of […]

Telling Your Story in 30 Seconds

Today I was brainstorming TV commercial ideas for a local window company. When you decide to introduce yourself (your brand) to the world in a 30-second TV spot, some would say you put yourself in a bit of a predicament. Why? Well, because you have a lot you want to tell the world, don’t you? […]

Do I Need A Website?

In short…YES. Your website allows you to have complete control over your brand, your product, and your message as the public sees it. And, in case you weren’t sure, that’s just the way you want it (believe me!). Actually, that’s what branding is all about—being able to mold how your business looks to other people. […]

Which Social Media Apps are Best for My Brand?

I want to dig into something I’m admittedly not an expert on, I’ve just thought about it a lot. Which social media apps/platforms/spaces are best for your brand? Maybe you haven’t considered this, and that’s ok. I think the funny thing about social media is that people who are unexperienced with it tend to make […]