Hi, my name is Michael Keesee (kuh-SEE).

I am a brand identity developer from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I specialize in creating and redirecting focused brand identities for businesses and individuals. Because my concentration is on the perception of a brand, I am able to create varied materials to meet the needs of a client; among these are web-based solutions like websites and internet display ad campaigns, printed materials like business cards and brochures, and 3D materials such as packaging and vehicle graphics.

My training has been mostly in the arts of graphic design and web design, and I’ve absorbed a vast amount of marketing knowledge throughout my experience as a graphic designer. I’ve come to have a deep appreciation and love for branding, as I think it is the root of all the disciplines in which I’ve been trained.

What is a brand?

Your brand is the essence of your business. It’s comprised of your mission, your product or service, your appearance and voice, and the public perception of your brand, which all must be consistent to form a uniform identity.

Every brand has a story, the reason your business exists and what you do to better the lives of your customers. This key element is the basis from which all the other aspects of your business should develop. Your logo, slogan, copywriting, fonts, ad layouts and even your TV voiceovers should all lead back to the core mission of your business. If a business can relate to the public the value of their product, that is how a positive brand perception is created.

How do you influence your brand perception? This is perhaps the most difficult part of selling a good or service, because not everyone will be exposed to the same facets of your public identity. A well-formed brand strategy, as well as strict adherence to it, is the path to a good customer relationship. This means you must have solid branding in place from which you can build your strategy, and your prospective customer is the only one who can verify whether your identity and strategy have been successful. You might think your website is great, but if it doesn’t convert into sales then it has failed to do its job.

My process

When I begin a project, I spend most of my time figuring out who your prospective customer is: what are his/her needs and wants, what is emotive for him/her, what might keep him/her from buying your product. When I gain an understanding of your ideal customer, I can then solve the problem of providing them with the knowledge and perception of your product that will allow them to choose to do business with you.

Because the design’s effectiveness is dependent upon your ideal customer, the entire strategy must be based on your ideal customer. I do not design according to my own taste, but according to the knowledge I have of your prospects. For this reason, I also narrow down the options I’ve created to one solution based on my experience with creating and maintaining brands.

If you’re ready for a focused, effective brand, I’d love to work with you. Detail what you’re looking for on my contact page to get started.