The Client

Carlisle Reformed Presbyterian Church

Carlisle, PA


CRPC is a small congregation of Reformed Presbyterian believers in Carlisle, PA. They came to me to create an effective identity for their church, with the objective being to appeal to a larger demographic of prospective members. They were also looking for a website to replace their Typepad blog that would be used for an information base for their members, as well as a welcoming tool to greet people considering attendance.


The colors, fonts and imagery used for the CRPC brand were all used to strike a balance between contemporary and traditional, progressive and reverent. The leadership at CRPC cares deeply about their longstanding members and wanted to make sure the website represented the roots of the Presbyterian church through Biblical passages and the expression of Presbyterian beliefs.

This emphasis is framed by many necessary resources for the congregation and prospective members, including an events calendar, outreach and ministries pages, and a sermons page that houses audio streams from all sermons to-date. On this page the current series is automatically posted at the top within a shaded box. I spent a great deal of time prioritizing the navigation of the website, optimizing it to provide the most value for the user. The "welcome" link contains a drop-down menu of a few pages that would be most beneficial for someone considering attending the church, whereas the "connect" link might be more useful for a current member.


The CRPC website is now a significant resource for all members of the church, and has created a solid presence for the church on the web. Their brand identity has given a face to what will continue to be a thriving congregation, and it creates many opportunities to expand their ministry.

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